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​Our business is
software technology

More than ever, businesses from startups to enterprises are formulating and implementing innovative software technology solutions to achieve their goals. Oftentimes help is needed. Kefelan Solutions was formed to fill the technology gap—from strategy to support—that may exist in founding teams as well as established organizations. We understand that businesses would prefer an inside team. We take the time to learn the business and become the trusted technology advisor and development team.

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KSI Consulting is in the business of software technology.
​Advisory services

We recognize that innovators come from different backgrounds and that ideas for technological innovation do not all come from technologists. We advise innovators that need complementary technology strategy expertise to validate, plan and architect solutions such as a minimum viable product (MVP) or a custom enterprise system.

Transforming your vision into reality

Implementation services

Even the most innovative software solutions combine tried and true concepts with the new. We have experience with a multitude of established methodologies, platforms, frameworks, architectures and libraries. We have also created some of our own. When implementing solutions, we consider business objectives, requirements, constraints, budget and timing to get the right mix. In any case, we build software that meets the highest standards of quality.

Production services

Software is nothing without end users. People are constantly growing and evolving. So must the software if it is to continue to solve problems and be useful. User support and software maintenance are critical to healthy technology operations. Feedback needs to be gathered, analyzed and communicated. Innovators must continuously formulate new ideas and implement them. We support all of these activities as required. We want to ensure your investment is protected and returns are maximized.

​Expertise à la carte

technology strategy advisory  •  product strategy and management  •  technical solution architectural design  •  software design and development  •  project management  •  business analysis  •  user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design  •  quality assurance (QA) testing  •  development operations (DevOps)  •  cloud infrastructure management  •  operations support management  •  systems administration
KSI Consulting has expertise from technology strategy advisory to software design and development to systems administration.
KSI Consulting has local and global experience with startups, enterprises and financial institutions and firms.

​Local and global experience



FinTech  •  Legal Tech  •  Health Tech  •  AI

 Enterprise systems 


CRM  •  ERP  •  Retail Banking  •  Retail Management

 Financial institutions & firms 


Canada  •  United States  •  United Kingdom
South Africa  •  Mexico  •  Argentina  •  Southeast Asia

​How we can help you get your idea off the ground

Building software takes effort. Usually, software needs to go through several versions before it is ready to be released generally to the public or to the enterprise. Each version serves a specific purpose. In some cases, versions can be combined with others or skipped. The overall objective of developing versions incrementally is to validate ideas and assumptions, study feasibility, test hypotheses, help secure ongoing funding, validate product-market fit, get feedback from a limited group of users in a controlled manner, resolve issues, and minimize risk.

KSI Conuslting can conduct a proof of concept (POC) of an idea.
Proof of Concept (POC)

A proof of concept (POC) is used to test the feasibility of certain features as well as some fundamental technical and business hypotheses of the solution. This may involve conducting experiments and comparing different methodologies, platforms, frameworks, architectures and libraries.

KSI Consulting can build a prototype of an idea.

A prototype is a visual simulation of a solution to get feedback from target users as well as friends, family and other business associates. This will help validate ideas and assumptions without expending much effort.

KSI Conuslting can build a Wizard of Oz MVP.
Wizard of Oz MVP

A Wizard of Oz minimum viable product (MVP) simulates the intended solution with enough software to hide the manual effort used to deliver the value proposition of the solution. Although this is not operationally scalable, it can help validate features of the solution.

KSI Consulting can build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a working version of the solution that can demonstrate business potential with the least amount of effort in the shortest period of time. The MVP is useful for gathering the feedback needed to make critical decisions and for securing additional funding from outside investors or corporate sponsors.

KSI Consulting can build software for a sneak preview.
Sneak Preview

A sneak preview of the solution is desired and often requested by investors or corporate sponsors. Sometimes it is necessary for maintaining momentum, especially if more funding is required. The sneak preview can help finalize some key decisions

KSI Consulting can build software for a Alpha testing.

An Alpha version contains the final set of features released for testing to a very limited group of trusted users. These trusted users are aware of likely instabilities, but are willing to see past them to provide invaluable feedback.

KSI Consulting can build software for a Beta testing.

A Beta version is stable enough to be released to the public or the enterprise but with a warning that they may encounter bugs. The issues reported by the Beta users helps to refine the solution. Oftentimes, a variety of technical tests are performed on this version.

KSI Consulting can build software for general availability.
General Availability (GA)

The general availability (GA) version of the solution is stable and mostly free of bugs. Usually, it is released to the public or the enterprise along with a promotional campaign.

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