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Our philosophy about bots

We believe that the purpose of technology is to help people, and without people, technology has no value. Some technology, like bots, can appear to replace humans but can bots truly replace us? We think not. Rather, we think bots can improve, simplify, or enhance communication between us, technology, and our:

customers providers members suppliers agents employees colleagues partners


fahmBots designs and develops bots that integrate with




Help desk

Call centre

Social media

Smart home





Learning management

Retail management

Project management

Financial management

Property management

Emergency response

Cloud storage

Network devices


Built on the Microsoft Bot Framework and Microsoft Azure

Primarily, we leverage the Microsoft Bot Framework, Azure IoT Suite and Cognitive Services among the other widely used technologies. Microsoft Azure provides a reliable, secure, highly available and scalable infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing Platform & Services Azure
Microsoft Bot Framework Bot Framework
Microsoft Azure Functions Azure Functions
Microsoft Cognitive Services Cognitive Services
Azure IoT Suite | Azure IoT Hub | Internet of Things IoT Suite
Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Machine Learning
Microsoft Power BI | Microsoft Power BI Embedded Embedded Power BI

Works with most popular messaging apps and voice

These are some of the messaging platforms our bots can connect with. Depending on the platform, the bots can interact by text or voice.

Microsoft Bot Framework Web Chat | Direct Line
Telegram Messenger
Direct Line
Kik Interactive
Microsoft Cortana | Cortana Skills
Microsoft Office Skype for Business
GroupMe | Group text messaging with GroupMe
Microsoft Teams

About bots and chatbots

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Our scrum team develops software, web apps and custom web sites

Let us help you build your product!

You are a...

  • Microsoft Partner
  • Marketing Agency
  • UI/UX/Web Design Agency
  • IT Support Provider
  • Scrum Team

You need to...

  • Meet a deadline
  • Increase your Team's capacity
  • Implement a design
  • Architect a solution
  • Utilize our expertise

We are information systems and technology professionals ready to collaborate with you

We get excited by building and enhancing web applications as well as configuring, customizing, and integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, Office 365, and Azure, including Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Bot Service and Analytics. We understand the challenges of handling the product backlog, the Sprint backlog, change requests, and the need to produce high quality results.

This is what we have been doing lately

Web Applications

Web Applications

  • Portals
  • Chatbots
  • Dynamically generated application forms
  • Online calculators, quote generators
  • Calendars (data from Office 365 Outlook Calendar)
  • Reporting for mobile web browsers (SQL or Dynamics data)
  • Marketing content sites
Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft Solutions

  • Dynamics 365/CRM configuration, customization, and integration using Web Resources and WebAPI
  • Office 365 configuration, administration, integration/authentication
  • Azure Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Bot Service, and Analytics
Development Operations | DevOps


  • Continuous integration, building, deployment
  • Version control
  • Distributed environment support
  • Agile Scrum support
IT Consultation


  • Strategy (vCIO/CTO)
  • Data Science
  • Software security/vulnerability audit/assessment
  • Cloud, virtual and on-premise server management
  • Network infrastructure

Solutions and systems we have worked on

  • Life insurance agency leads, opportunities, new business, servicing
  • Online financial services quoting and application forms
  • Responsive web enterprise reporting
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Retail banking
  • Retail POS and inventory management
  • Mobile game user interfaces

Platforms, technologies and languages we use

Microsoft Azure

  • Active Directory, Citrix, Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Bot Service, Analytics

Responsive Web Development

  • HTML/5, CSS/3, JavaScript/ES6, jQuery, ExtJS, AngularJS, React, JADE, Less, Sass, Compass, Bootstrap, Foundation

Business Automation

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM (Custom Solutions),, Chatfuel

Google APIs

  • Google Machine Learning, Maps API, Places API

Other API Integrations

  • Dynamics 365/CRM via SOAP/REST, ConnectWise, NoSQL, JMS, Factual, OpenStreetMap, Twilio, OAuth, OpenID


  • Jetty, JBoss, Tomcat, HornetQ, ActiveMQ, Cloudera, Apache


  • SQL Server, T-SQL, OData, ODBC, JDBC, MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, Hadoop, Power BI

Build Tools

  • Webpack, lessc, grunt, npm, git, Jenkins, subversion, nexus, maven, ant, make

Online Conferencing

  • Zoom, Adobe Connect

Security Testing

  • findbugs, valgrind, JSLint, nmap, ncat/socat, tcpdump, ZAP/sqlmap/w3af, Nessus/metasploit, ASLR/kernel, snort/iptables, WAF, seLinux/CSP, backtrack/Kali


  • VMWare, ESXi, vSphere, Citrix, RemoteApp, VPS

IT Infrastructure

  • Meraki (security devices), Cisco, NetGear (switches), Synology (NAS), Merlin


  • JIRA, Confluence, Microsoft Project, HipChat


  • Shell, Python, Perl, PowerShell, Expect, Pascal, C (Unix, Win32, Xwindows, OpenGL), C++ (QT), C# (Nunit)


  • Express, React, hapi (REST API), Passport, Crypto, Nodemailer, TDS for SQL, Mongoose for MongoDB


  • JEE/Spring (JSP, i18n, EL, JSTL, JSF, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, JMS, EJB3), SQL (hibernate, JPA), JSON/XML (DTD/XSL, DOM/SAX, WSDL/WADL, Xpath/XSLT)

Networking Programming

  • serial, socket, and wireless programming in UNIX and Win32 (ie. RS-232, TCP/IP, Winsock, Berkeley Sockets, Raw Sockets, Multicast, 802.11, IPC, Threads, Protocol Design)

Security Programming

  • Hash Algorithms, ASN.1/PKI/V3 Ext, WPA2/Kerberos/AES/DSA/RSA/ECC/PGP, nCipher/JCA/openSSL/Nettle, SAML, OpenID/OAuth

Asset Delivery

  • Drupal, WordPress, CDNs

Mobile Development

  • WinCE, J2ME, iOS Swift

Secure System Processes

  • Design and creation: OWASP/CLASP/BSIMM/SAMM/CWE/SDL

Project Methodologies

  • Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step [CERTIFIED]

Business Process

  • Re-engineering (BPR), Management (BPM, BPMN)


  • Product Ownership, User Stories, Requirements Documents


  • Pilot, User Acceptance Testing (UAT)